Why Measure B is Dangerous

In June 2022, Newport Beach voters will consider Measure B, a proposal that will radically change our form of governance and create an all powerful elected mayor position. 

This initiative is opposed by almost all former Mayors, City Council members and City Managers, a damning indictment of the destructive nature of this proposal. 

This initiative:

  • Will undermine term limits by allowing a City Council member to serve for 2 terms (8 years) followed by another 2 terms as mayor.  16 years is too long for any one person to be in power.
  • Is a power grab.  The new system would concentrate power in the hands of the mayor rather than evenly distributing it between council members and their districts, as the current system does. 
  • Will give one person almost exclusive control of the agenda.  The person who decides what’s on the agenda decides what items get discussed, what neighborhoods get attention, what development projects get considered, etc.
  • Can only be unwound by another election.  If problems emerge, and they clearly will, it will take another election to make changes.
  • Will open the door to corruption.   A corrupt candidate would attract millions of dollars from special interests, including from different cities and even states.  
  • Undermines the City Manager.  The City Manager would have to rely on the Mayor to put routine contracts and business issues on the City Council agenda.  This immediately changes the relationship of the City Manager from a working partnership to a subservient relationship and opens the door for the Mayor to exert undue influence on the actions of the City Manager. No other city anywhere does this.

Ballot Measure B does not serve the citizens of Newport Beach.  It discards a style of government that has worked well for Newport Beach residents.  We have nothing to gain and everything to lose from this initiative. 

Measure B will appear at the very bottom of your ballot.  Do not overlook this important opportunity to VOTE NO.

Stop the Power Grab

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